08 July 2009

Elle Turned 2


Here's her cake bought by my brother and his family, and my parents. We celebrated last July 6 with a dinner at Cajun.

Yesterday, we just stayed at home and played with her new toys. Then we went out and bought pizza and ice cream. Yum! Elle loved them both!

At this point in her life, Elle knows what she wants and she'd be bent on getting it. She's a little too stubborn now and her attention span is quite short. She has her own way of reviewing what was taught her. She throws tantrums when the mood strikes her, or she could be a perfect little angel. I hope she is the latter most of the time, but I guess this is God's way of teaching me the virtue of patience. She likes corn, soup, cheese, bananas and especially eggs. And recently I discovered that she likes the color yellow (shows in her food choices, doesn't it?). She could mingle with other kids close to her age, but most of the time she pulls on my hand and wants me to join in their fun. *sigh* I am also trying to potty train her these days, for soon, she would be attending pre-school.

Anyway, that is not yet happening. I just hope Elle enjoyed her birthday. I asked her if she's happy, and she nodded. That's a good sign!
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