29 July 2009

Why children's shows are good for adults too...

While she was enjoying what she's seeing and hearing, she's completely unaware of me seeing and hearing what isn't too obviously shown. I didn't know I could learn a few life lessons by watching Playhouse Disney Channel's shows with my daughter Elle.

  • It's quite OK to be silly, to laugh at ourselves. It is good to know that we accept ourselves for everything that we are, and better to know that our friends do too.
  • Dancing is good for the body and the soul. Almost all of the shows involve dancing. It is a way of appreciating the music. Elle and I dance together, this way we bond. I can see she loves it when we dance as she's beaming and totally grooves her body.
  • Go after your adventure. And not just the ones in the books.
  • Sometimes, we can learn from our children. Fresh perspectives on situations sure are welcome, especially that which come from an innocent mind.
  • Set aside a day for relaxation. Ideally, sitting under a tree with a pet or a book. Having a party by the beach. Setting up camp around a cheerful bonfire and telling each other stories.
  • Enjoy each new experience. Whether it is having a seemingly weird pet, or a first time at a sleepover, there are ways to turn the anxiety into wonderful memories.
  • It is fun to be with friends. This I cannot deny. While we discover and recover new and old things about them, inadvertently we do the same for ourselves also.

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