26 September 2009

My Little Artist

Elle likes to write on paper, and everywhere else! See her other canvasses here.

Before, while we were using the brand Pampers for her diapers, I joined their Hearts Club wherein I send in the code from the package to a particular number so I could collect points. I had already accumulated PhP200 worth of GC from the Toy Kingdom toy store and recently, I redeemed them and used it together with cash and bought Elle this paint set. She liked it and asks me to take it out from the box almost everyday. I hope this helps her bring out her artistic side and discourage her from writing on the walls.

At first, I didn't know what she wanted. She kept saying "colo loo", then I realized she was saying "color blue". I asked her what color blue thing it is that she wanted. Elle then dragged the paint set box out from her toy basket and showed it to me. I didn't know why she called painting "color blue"... Anyway, I just hope she becomes more creative than me.
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