08 December 2009

Note To Self

Since I have limited movements after my operation, I admit I have been lax in my beauty regimen. My skin has been experiencing dry spells lately, especially now that the cool weather is kicking in. I really need to do my favorite ritual as soon as the pain and discomfort are gone. Thanks to a reminder (also a blog contest) from YesNoMeh - a review blog by Josh, my high school classmate and his girlfriend Lizz.

What is my favorite beauty ritual then?
After taking a shower, I put slather on facial moisturizer, most preferably with SPF (I am so liking Olay Total Effects with a touch of foundation SPF 15 at the moment as it makes my face look smoother), if I am going out, and an ordinary moisturizer before bedtime. I plan to switch to a night cream when this moisturizer is all used up. I then apply lotion all over my body, I prefer ones with SPF or UV ray blocker. That's it! It's not much of a beauty ritual, I know, but it makes me feel more of a lady.

Of course I did not skip grooming altogether. I could cut the nails on my hand. It was hard for me to bend down and cut my toenails, so I had a foot spa with a pedicure last Saturday with my friend. It was nice, and since I was already there, I decided to add some color to my toenails, a light shade of purple. I am still deciding what to do with my long permed hair, so I put off cutting it for now. Grooming is quite necessary for a civilized and clean person. If one is unkempt and has long nails, he/she is more prone to attract germs and has the chance to ingest them or pass them on to his/her loved ones. I wouldn't want that to happen!


  1. Sunblock is super important in tropical countries, but I always forget to put it on! I never skip moisturizers, though. :D Thanks for joining our contest! Best of luck!

  2. you should be at your feet ceemee even when it still hurts. it is important to prevent stasis and for faster healing. i sure hope you can go back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. be safe dear.

  3. mai of oodlesofgoodles.comThursday, December 10, 2009 2:11:00 PM

    hi ceemee! my beauty ritual is just as simple: after taking a bath, eskinol + grapeseed oil. that's pang bedtime. in the morning it's eskinol + murad eye cream + human heart nature face moisturizer + nivea face sunblock. then lotion all over the body din :) that's it!


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