19 January 2010

Hold It Down

Pregnancy is a journey a woman must enjoy. But, right now, I can't help but wish for it to be over and done with.

It was quite, quite different with my first baby. I felt normal, save for the fact that I was enormous. Not just my baby belly, I was "well-rounded" then.

On my 2nd journey, however, I was always nauseous and some odors make me want to throw up. I did so a few times and the feeling I really dislike. Once I even became feverish and cannot eat much. My head and body ached and I was always tired. It wasn't really doctor's advice, but I was told that I need to eat what I like after meals, something that could hold the food down and encourage me to have more food intake. You know what I like? Chocolates! It's the perfect excuse! And brownies, peanut butter and cakes! In moderation, of course. I wouldn't want to have gestational diabetes.

You know what I realize? I'm glad my doctors don't follow my blog...
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