09 February 2010

To Rest in this Room

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When we have the resources in the future, I would like to redesign our bathroom and the bathroom vanities, here at our place and at my parents' home. For me, it is uplifting to go to the restroom and utilize a nice, clean and streamlined vanity. It would be like going to the toilet and bath of a five star hotel. It would add more meaning to the word 'rest' in the restroom.

It would be done in the contemporary style so it will be simple yet elegant. There would be a small magazine or book rack for when "one is sitting on the throne". It is my dream for our toilet and bath to have a double sink bathroom vanity. This is so that my hubby and I need not wait for our turns while putting on contact lenses or brushing our teeth. I would  also be able to brush my teeth alongside my growing toddler, which I like. There could be two separate mirrors above each sink and a medicine cabinet or an open shelf in the middle. Or one big mirror could also do, as it would make the bathroom look bigger. A shower enclosure would be nice, so the water would not splash the vanity and watercloset area. It is also my dream to have a bath tub! Would that be wishing for too much? My hubby would say 'yes'! 

It would be a great experience to design a nice toilet and bath and see it everyday, wouldn't it? I hope we could afford it in the not-so-distant future...

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