11 February 2010

Ice Cream Evening

One Sunday evening, after having dinner at Zensho (where you order as much Japanese food as you possibly can devour), I suggested to my hubby Rix that we have dessert here. I have always wanted to have ice cream here. There were no customers around, which is good because I don't like crowded dining places. But is also bad because it could mean that this place isn't worth visiting at all. The air conditioning was not very cooling. Maybe they're saving electricity and will have turned it on when customers arrive.


 I ordered this: a banana split. I chose the double chocolate, the strawberry and the raspberry flavored ice creams for it. As you can see, the raspberry ice cream was starting to melt already. It had marshmallows, candy sprinkles and chocolate syrup. There was no cherry, though. Rix had the cappuccino flavored ice cream scoop and we ordered the strawberry ice cream scoop for Elle. The strawberry had large strawberry bits, which I find great. The total of our bill amounted to just 200 pesos, which surprised us at how inexpensive this Italian ice cream place was.

Here is Elle enjoying her first few spoonfuls of ice cream. She then went off to explore this different surrounding. In the end, I was the one who finished it.  *sigh*

I really enjoy evenings like these...
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