13 February 2010

Seeing Value Clearly

Eyeglasses have always been a part of my life.I have been wearing them since I was in grade school. And I realize now that it is quite expensive if one doesn't have a 20/20 vision. And, almost every year, the lenses had to be changed when the prescription changed, or the frame - if it didn't fit anymore or was deformed already. Now, people could have inexpensive prescription glasses for as low as $8 or roughly 300++ pesos at Zenni Optical. Because they manufacture their own frames and lenses, they have their own brand and do not sell expensive or inexpensive designer frames, so it is possible for these quality eyeglasses to be so affordable.If you will browse their site, Zennioptical.com, you will find so many styles and designs to choose from. You can also choose the type of material that they will use for your frame. The lenses have free UV protection, anti-scratch coating and edge polishing and beveling. These eyeglasses come with a quality hard case and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.One satisfied customer, Eric Hammer, wrote a review on Examiner.com about Zenni Optical. Check it out here to know more about these glasses. I think I shall try to order at Zenni Optical when my current pair of eyeglasses give up on me.
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