22 March 2010

Skin Musings

In my opinion, when a woman becomes a housewife and a stay-at-home mommy, caring for her own skin is not really part of her priority. That is what's happening to me lately, especially these last 2 weeks when our helper went on vacation and I had to do most of the household chores. Frequent washing of dishes and cleaning materials made my fingertips so dry and cracked. There are so many flaws in my facial and body skin that I wouldn't be surprised if the Academy of Dermatology will come knocking on my door one of these days. 
I think I would need more than an ordinary facial and body scrub to clear my skin. I have these freckles and I wonder if they are sun spots or age spots, and if they need laser sun spots treatment? I can't even differentiate white heads/black heads from acne, so I also wouldn't know if a laser acne treatment would do me any good.  Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles is one thing I was considering many years before. I'd like to have unwanted hair removed, plus it's tedious to pluck hair off underarms every now and then, they still grow back so fast.
Although I can truly feel the effects of the aging process, I don't think I would need a Los Angeles Botox Treatment yet. Maybe a lot of smiling, plenty of water, less anger and worry will help. Oh, and some moisturizers on the face and neck, too!

Sometimes when I complain about my skin, my hubby would say that I am vain. But I know it is important, especially for a woman, to care for the skin. I wouldn't want to look older than him, now, would I?

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