29 April 2010

My birthday still made me feel special.

I turned 29. Birthdays aren't good without food to make the occasion more special. Some yummy treats I got to taste I am sharing with you here.

Of course, a birthday cake wouldn't be absent, right? This one's from my family. It's mango flavored chiffon cake, so soft yet tangy. I am craving for this right now.

I treated my family to dinner at Flapjacks, Theater Mall, Greenhills. I shared this with my mom and little bro. A salad with mango, large croutons and cranberry raisins, I found this too sour.

What I ordered, Dory fish in lemon and butter sauce. I thought this was too oily. Maybe there was too much butter? The capers were salty, and I don't really eat them, so I removed them. I thought the sauce had lemon juice in it, but alas, I had to squeeze it on to achieve the lemony buttery taste. The potatoes weren't cooked evenly, some were a bit hard. But I finished all of it anyway, I love potatoes!

Free birthday pancakes from Flapjacks. The cream on top was sliding off, awww!

I had a simple dinner with my hubby and daughter at Heat, EDSA Shangri-La, and I was also given a free cake (made from several slices of cheesecakes). Their staff even sang a birthday song for me.

I was so stuffed from the buffet type dinner, that I requested for my cake to be wrapped for take home. I enjoyed it for the next few days. Yummy!

My friends and I spent a lazy afternoon lounging and having snacks at Fior Cafe, Timog. It was another birthday treat of mine. I didn't get to take pictures of the food. But I'm loving all the gifts I received.
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