05 May 2010

For Mom's Day, I'd like...

  • A nice, quiet breakfast or brunch at a nice cafe, with loads of yummy and healthy goodies to munch on, plus a decaffeinated coffee or hot chocolate to match. I was sent a promotional email containing this:

  • A set of personalized jewelry, or a necklace with my name and my kids' names on them. Very soon, I will know the gender of my second baby, I just hope he/she doesn't shy away from the Ultrasound.

  • A soothing and pregnancy-friendly facial would be a lovely treat.

  •  A pair of flats is one item that I have on my wish list. One that would go with jeans or skirts.

  • My daughter doesn't know how to help in the kitchen yet, but the items below are a cute idea for Mom's Day: matching mommy and daughter aprons!

  • A nice family portrait in a studio would be great when our second baby has arrived. Maybe on the next Mom's Day.
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