07 May 2010

Insurance for the Family

When we get the right insurance, it is surely a wise investment for the family. We already have life insurances plus hospitalization riders which I think would really be handy in these times. It seems that people nowadays are less healthy than the elders, I don't know why. We also have car insurance which I think is also important for unavoidable circumstances involving the vehicle. A savings type of insurance for the children would help parents pay for their tuition fees and save up for the dowry of a daughter - where applicable. When it comes to home insurance, I am not sure if it is advisable because we live in a sort of compound with other relatives and it's like a townhouse where it's one big establishment that's divided into units. There are also other types of insurance that cover even the smallest stuff , like our gadgets. I just don't know if those are worth it, though.

I wonder if my insurance company covers me when I travel abroad. For example, when I go to New York, would they have New York insurance information? Or if ever I decide to settle there, would they be able to handle my New York home insurance? It sure would be quite a hassle to change insurance companies from time to time. This reminds me to ask our agent regarding our coverages outside the Philippines.
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