10 May 2010

What do you do on the Internet?

I admit it is easy being addicted to the Internet. There are just so many sites out there that one could not finish visiting within a week. There are so many sites that cater to each person's particular interests.

There are so many sites put up to sell clothing items plus accessories. Oh, and don't forget the matching shoes! Sometimes satisfaction is achieved just by browsing through so many eye candies. On the Internet we get information on how to wear particular pieces, presenting to us ideas on what we need to shop for in real life. We also have the option for custom t-shirts or custom dresses that little girls could design themselves.

When we have the need to connect, social networking sites are available for us to be updated on the goings-on in the lives of our friends and family. It is easy to exchange messages and comments with each other. We are fed with pictures and videos on weddings, birthdays and the kids' milestones.

It is also easy to get lost in the numerous online games available in various sites. There are so many games on having a virtual self, living in a virtual dream house. We can be treasure hunters, restaurateurs, farmers, fashionistas, and so much more, when we cannot be in real life.

For those who are on the road to self-discovery,  there are several online tests that they could take to determine their personalities and what inanimate objects best represent them.There are also quizzes to test our knowledge on certain subjects, like movies, and the score could be compared with our friends', too.

The Internet is a tool each person must use responsibly, be it for work or for leisure.
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