17 April 2010

Food Experiment #8

I had some leftover ham, supplemented it with canned sausages, used the remaining white mushrooms bought from Mushroom Burger, Tagaytay, added red bell peppers, sauteed these ingredients together with onions, then set this aside when finished. I heated olive oil and butter, added the garlic in, while the butter was melting. When garlic was fragrant or a bit brown, I put in all-purpose cream (that will expire in a few months) and grated cheese. After cheese had melted and melded together with the cream, I added beef bouillon cube and a pinch of sugar for taste then some skim milk until mixture was not too salty. This white sauce recipe was shared to me by Odette of little miss firefly. The sauteed meat was then thrown into the sauce, I let this simmer for a few minutes, then, it's done! Usually, I make white sauce using cream of mushroom soup powder, this is the first time I made white sauce that's more like that of a restaurant.
I liked it, but not too much in one sitting as it has that umay factor. I have been reheating it in the microwave oven for two snack times now, I am the only one eating it for my hubby Rix doesn't really like pasta, especially white-sauced ones.

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