08 April 2010

Yummy Finds

As we went to Tinapayan Festival one evening, where we usually get our fix of soft cheese bread, my hubby Rix discovered this seemingly healthy pandesal. It was infused with malunggay leaves. One cannot really taste the leaves, maybe because they made it so creamy. My daughter even ate one or two (or was it because it was dark inside the vehicle that time?). Anyway, a pack of 10 costs 45 Pesos.

My maternity milk Anmum was finished the day before we went to our excursion, so we dropped by Robinsons Supermarket in Summit Ridge, Tagaytay to buy one. I didn't find my usual chocolate flavor, but, instead I discovered this:

It was yummy! And a nice change, too. It tasted like Nutella, I liked it. I hope there's a big can selling in supermarkets or drugstores here in Manila.

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