11 April 2010

Beneath The Surface

Only You, Lord, can really see
Beneath the surface that is truly me
Above, appearing calm and cool
I know You, Lord, cannot be fooled
To believe that I am fine
In this tumultuous life of mine

Only You, Lord, can really hear
The trickling of my lonely tears
The breaking of my fragile heart
Being shattered part by part
Only You, Lord, really listen
To my words that are unspoken

Only You, Lord, can really feel
My pain that is so real
Underneath, there's ceaseless turmoil
Constantly in useless toil
Only You, Lord, truly understand
Only You, Lord, taking my hand

Leading me back to sanity
Opening my heart's eyes to see
All blessings surrounding me
The truest friend You'll always be

Note: I wrote this when I was reflecting on a low point in my life. God was there for me, only He, and in the form of my daughter. I thought I'd go crazy without her, it's cliche but I need to be strong for her. She was so sweet, she saw me crying one time, so she shared her precious stuffed bear with me.
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