21 May 2010

Coupons, anyone?

Here in the Philippines, discount coupons like Savings.com coupons and Home Depot coupons are not very popular. The reason for this is not clear to me. What we have here in the country is a booklet full of coupons, which is bought just one time. There is no cutting, no clipping, and no printing from the Internet. I have seen blogs from Home Makers in the United States featuring coupons and coupon codes that could be used in stores like Pottery Barn, Sears, Crocs, and Target. There are also coupons and coupon codes that could be used for specific product brands like Huggies diapers, Campbell's, Welch's, and Pedigree. It seems to me that they saved a lot when grocery shopping using these coupons. I also admire these moms' diligence in their searches and collections. Coupons would definitely be handy nowadays when being frugal is vital to the economic changes. Using them makes one less guilty when shopping, in my opinion. They would be very useful when purchasing baby products for my soon-to-be born baby boy, when purchasing food items to cook and to stack the pantry with, when purchasing household goods, when purchasing furniture and appliances, and when purchasing clothes and shoes for my family. Almost everything that can be found at home has coupons and it would be beneficial when buying them, even if the discount is not that great.

Oh well, maybe the stores here in the country are not keen on that. They'd think they wouldn't earn and that they have monthly bargain sales in place of coupons.
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