24 May 2010

What to do next?

While my belly is being stretched to epic proportions, I am struck with the reality that I'm going to have not just one, but two wonderful babies very soon. While I am waiting to pop, I like to engage in activities with my daughter Elle. It's her last chance to feel special as an only child. Next stop is letting her feel special as an older sister. Our activities together include riding in public utility vehicles like:
  • Tricycle
  • Passenger jeep
  • LRT (Light Rail Transit)
  • Kalesa (a horse-drawn carriage for 2 passengers)
  • Bus
My hubby Rix and I have also brought her to:
  • Avilon Zoo in Rizal where we saw big cats, a donkey, monkeys, birds, bears, etc.
  • Manila Ocean Park where we saw many, many species of fish and even sharks, had fish foot spa and had a short indoor boat ride
  • Carousel rides in malls
  • Out of town trips and swimming activities on beaches and pools
There are other stuff that I want to do with Elle, and Rix, before I give birth. Can you suggest other bonding activities?
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