12 May 2010

I love it when...

Everyone needs to be inspired every now and then. There is so much going on around us, but if we look closely, God-given blessings are tucked just about anywhere. These blessings may take the form of a laughter from a child, a husband taking his wife's hand in his, a "Good job!" from a boss, a hug from a sibling, a thoughtful gift from a friend.  For me, it's the little things that inspire me and make my heart burst with love.

I simply love it when:
  • God talks to me through the Bible. Lately, I have been reading about David. He truly was blessed by God. Although he made mistakes the consequences of which he had to face, and admitted that he was not perfect as he asked for God's forgiveness, God still loved him.
  • My hubby Rix bonds with my daughter Elle when they play and laugh with each other, when Rix feeds and bathes Elle.
  • My daughter attaches the words "please" and "thank you" automatically when asking for a favor and receiving one respectively. It's heart-warming to know she appreciates things given to her or being done for her. I also love it when she tries to groom me by brushing my hair or putting powder on my face. Elle likes to be helpful to us. Sometimes when I give her instructions, she'd say "yes, mom" and she also likes to say "welcome" when we thank her.
  • Rix, Elle and I enjoy a simple dinner in a cozy restaurant or trying out new food somewhere.
  • I'm eating yummy dessert... Heavenly!
  • The people around me make me feel special.
  • I am productive and ticked everything off my checklist, although there are days that I feel quite lazy to accomplish anything.
  • I see works of God on out-of-town trips. These are wonderful, like the trees: the trunk, the leaves, the flowers all have different designs.
  • There are so much more!!!
I hope you get to see, feel and experience many blessings even in the simplest things. I have always wanted to write about these inspirations, I'm glad I've got the chance to do so as this is my entry to Chris' blog contest.
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