16 June 2010

God's Word is Precious

It sure is nice to go back to those times when we were happy, ecstatic, and filled with positive anticipation of what life has to give. But when things do not go the way we wanted them to, when the people we thought would make us happy didn't quite meet our expectations, we are weighed down with sorrow. It seems as if there is nothing but despair to look forward to, it seems life does not go on for us. But God says there is hope for all. There is light at the end of the dark and damp tunnel we are going through. He gives His word on that, we can rely on His precious and great promises written in the Bible. Even if the people we love seem to desert us in times of great need, God will never ever leave us. Trying moments are there to teach us to trust in Him, in His goodness, in His love. To be close to Him is what He desires. In time, I will see the reasons and the lessons for the difficulties I am going through.

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