21 June 2010

Orchid Eyes?

One of the things I like about not having a 20/20 vision is the need to wear contact lenses. I have the chance to choose a colored pair just for vanity's sake. The last color I had was, I think, coffee brown or something to that effect. But it had expired, so I needed a new pair. I am glad that this time, my preferred color was available. I thought I needed a check up but one of the eye doctors there said that it was not possible to have my prescription changed since I am pregnant and it wouldn't be accurate. So I just stuck to the old one in the record, and got my new pair of contact lenses.

Here's how it looks on me, I am loving my orchid eyes! That's the name of the color, BTW.

So, I guess, LASIK is far from my mind right now, budget-wise and accuracy-wise. I have to save up for my childbirth, I might be having a C-section and it is more costly than a normal one. Then it will take about three months for my eyes to 'stabilize', according to the eye doctor. But looking at the hassle of wearing contact lenses and replacing them once every few months or every year, it is quite an attractive option. Reading the article "A Lighter, Defter Touch" brought to us by USAEyes, with the website USAEyes.org, it is encouraging to know that eye surgery is undergoing refinement over the years and the procedure is being made safer and more accurate. Still, I need to consider it very well, it is, after all, surgery and my eyes seem fine as of the moment. I just have to take care of them, like not tiring them out and keeping them protected and clean.

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