22 June 2010

Mommy's Musings On Cars

When it comes to cars, it is important for me that it looks nice, not so boxy like some models. Of course I want it to be comfy and has ample leg room for everyone. A sedan-type of car doesn't work for me as I feel dizzy being so low and looking up to the other vehicles around. I am glad my hubby Rix considered these when we acquired our car and I am quite satisfied with it. Most of all, as Rix noted, it is fuel-efficient, too. That is important in these times.

As for the car accessories, I absolutely don't have any idea what's in that department. I wouldn't know which is useful, or are they for decorative purposes only? Take for example car grills, spoilers, grill guards, running boards, and so on and so forth, are those necessary or the default ones will do just fine? And that is just for the car's exterior. What about the interior? There are floor mats, dash kits and custom gauges, to name a few. So far, Rix isn't pining for any accessories for the family car, yet. Maybe just a headlight change that he has mentioned some time ago. We had a plan to change the seat covers into leather before, but haven't gotten around to doing that. What about car seats and booster seats? Are they considered as accessories? If yes, I think these are the really necessary accessories that we need to have, since I cannot be a car seat to two children. And kids should learn how to sit still inside the car, too.

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