23 June 2010

Branches and Root

Most moms, like me, cannot help but find their children to be their sources of great pride. It is but natural. We find ourselves comparing notes with other moms and launching into a detailed account of how we successfully potty-trained our little ones in just a week, for example. My daughter Elle is a blessing from the Lord, she is wonderfully and beautifully made by Him. I cannot credit her lovely attributes to myself alone, she was made with my hubby Rix, of course. And we are partners in raising her. Also, parenting needs loads of wisdom from God. He is after all the greatest parent everyone could have. So there is no room for me to boast of Elle's good points, I am just grateful that the Lord, the root that supports our family, has made her that way, I am just there to enhance them and lead her to Jesus.

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