25 June 2010

Scared of Eye Drops

I am thankful that my eyes do not dry very easily since I wear contact lenses and it would be painful and extremely uncomfortable if that happens. I am also not used to using eye drops. Is it just me or it's a bit scary to be looking at a drop of liquid that's about to enter the eye? I don't think I'll ever get used to that. According to Stahl Eye Center, eye drops provide only a temporary relief to dry eyes. One of the common side effects of LASIK is the Dry Eye Syndrome, which I think is one of the deterrents of getting the procedure done. Stahl Eye Center also said that studies are being conducted regarding Restasis, a medication to treat dry eyes after LASIK, by increasing the eyes’ natural ability to produce tears. Now, that's something I learned just now. Isn't it interesting to know there's such a treatment for dry eyes? 
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