08 July 2010

Turned Three

My precious daughter turned 3 yesterday. We didn't have a grand celebration, we didn't even have her blow out candles on a cake. Here's what we did:
  • I woke her up early and  dressed her up in an outfit she chose. I needed to have my blood extracted for some tests, so we left without taking breakfast. While waiting for Angel's Town cafe to open, we bought some stuff from Mercury Drug Store. I let her choose sweets as a treat for her birthday. 

  • We then went to Angel's Town Cafe for a nice breakfast. I guess we were the first customers. We were so hungry I forgot to take pictures of the meals we ordered, we had Chicken Tocino meal and Beef Tapa meal priced at PhP109 each, they come with coffee or iced tea and some veggies & atsara. The chicken was good, but the serving was small, it's not too sweet. The beef was a bit tough to cut with a spoon, and too chewy. It's a nice cafe here in our city, where you won't expect to find such a place in this industrial zone. It mostly caters to bank employees and customers in the area. In my opinion, the food there is affordable.
The interior of the cafe

Elle sipping her iced tea

Mango Panna cotta (PhP46) for dessert, it was yummy although the top was watery

  • Then we visited her dad at work, we also brought him a Ham and Egg sandwich on white bread (PhP55). One can have the option of wheat bread, which costs a bit more. After that, we went home for lunch. 
  • In the evening, while Elle was already asleep, Rix and I visited my friend who was confined in the hospital. On our way home, we fueled up our car at a Shell gas station. I saw a poster saying we could buy a Toy Story toy for PhP130. We bought Woody riding a train. We were supposed to buy Buzz also but it was out of stock. When we got home, Elle was up and looking sad, glad we had the toy to cheer her up.

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