31 August 2010

They look like us.

Whenever a baby was born, friends and families would behold the baby and say, "Does he/she look like mommy or daddy?" At least, that was what I have experienced with both my kids. Thanks to technology, they don't have to guess who has the stronger genes. My Heritage has come up with a gadget called the Baby Lookalike Meter. It is quite an interesting gadget, which could be posted to social networking sites to share with family and friends. To be able to use this, I had to sign up first. Then, I was asked to upload my picture, plus my hubby's and my child's. It would scan our faces and I need to drag the reduced pictures to slots labeled father, mother and child. I tried it with both my kids and the results were the same. I am not entirely sure about its accuracy since both yielded the same results. I will have to try to upload my parents' pictures to see if I look equally like both of them also. People say I look more like my mom. Anyway, here's what the meter looks like:

You might want to try it out by clicking here. You could let me know your results (if it's the same as or differs from mine) if you want to. :-)
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