07 October 2010

Delayed But Still Yummy

A day before I gave birth to baby Caleb, I attended this event (I didn't know that I was going to deliver the next day, it was an emergency C-section):

I went with my parents and my daughter Elle. What's yummy are the chocolate artworks that were showcased as there was a contest held the day before, I think.

There was even a plating contest going on. But we didn't get to stay and see the results.

Rows and rows of booths filled the place. There were many selling food like chocolate, baked goods and ice cream. Some showcased kitchen equipment and tools. There were even beds, massage trial and wireless routers! Probably to target hotel purchasers. There was even a mini-seminar going on and afterwards, people who answer the questions about the topic correctly get prizes.

I was hoping for samples of the chocolate and ice cream, but alas! I didn't get any. At least Elle got samples of baker's chocolate from one of the booths, just because they found her adorable. :-)
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