12 October 2010

My Trip To 101 Hawker Food House

Last Saturday, my kids and I tagged along with my hubby Rix and his friend as they went to shoot food products of 101 Hawker Food House. This is located at Unit 102 Campos Rueda Bldg., 101 Urban Ave., Makati City. Check out its Facebook profile to know more. Just around four months into the business, 101 Hawker Food House is fast becoming a popular go-to place of the people in the area for their lunch and snack fixes. I was so full, partaking in the consumption of the dishes that were photographed. He he he! I only got to take a picture of its Kaya toasts. The Kaya spread was made by Chef Rex himself. It was yummy! I also liked the Roti, which was also prepared by him. I dipped it in a drop or two of curry sauce because I am averse to very spicy or hot food. There were many customers, but Chef Rex said Saturdays are slower days because the place is filled to the brim on weekdays due to the workplaces in the vicinity. Other dishes I tried were Char Kway Teow (Stir fried flat noodles with chinese sausage, shrimps, and bean sprouts in sweet sauce and sambal, kind of like Hofan), Thai Bagoong Set (Fried rice flavored with authentic Thai bagoong served with sweet pork and strips of green mango), Roast Chicken Rice, and Cereal Prawns (8pcs Tiger Prawns coated with cereals and tossed with peppers, garlic, and basil). I even tried two kinds of drinks: the cold Teh Tarik (frothy tea) and cold Milo Dinosaur, Milo drink with Milo powder on top. Now you see why I was full. I didn't even get to try the others yet. In my opinion, many people like dining there because the food are authentic and delicious plus they are reasonably priced. The place is clean and it's got a friendly chef.
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