18 October 2010

That Christmas List (An All I Want For Christmas post)

I am going to participate in Prinsesa Musang's All I Want For Christmas, an exchange gift swap between bloggers. Want to join too? Just head over to her post on her blog, comment on it, make a list of your wish list on your blog, she'll email you to get your details and the link to your wish list, then she'll give it to your swap partner. Here's my list so my partner would have an idea what I need or want.
Something small: Heart-shaped pendant
Something big: Child's bed (hehehe!)
Something soft: Pillows
Something techie: iPad or Kindle 3 
Something fancy: Charm bracelet
Something purple: A sturdy tote bag
Something wearable: Intergalactic flats (meaning gold or bronze, hehe!) 
Something you need: Hot/Cold Therapy Pillow (something for warm/cold compress) http://www.etsy.com/listing/42568710/microwavable-hot-cold-therapy-pillow
Something you can use for work: This Little Piggy Book (for my work as a mom) http://www.indiebound.org/book/9781589258495?aff=The1stdaughter
Something sweet: Chocolates! (but I like dark - not really sweet, hehe!)

Something else: An oven (not microwave or toaster)
All I Want For Christmas: A house with a backyard where the kids can play outdoors

I also have a wish list on Amazon.com that you might want to check out. :-)

These are not really items on my bucket list, except for the house, but...

Come and join us in sharing your bucket list! Simply write a post and link it here. Next, grab the code (below). You can find the code in Pace Through Life's page and attach it to your entry.

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