08 January 2011

What Lies Ahead

I welcome the year 2011 with God's grace, mercy and blessings! A new year entails a new and revised set of goals, some milestones to achieve especially with children.

  • Caleb is going to start on solids already, so my goal is to get him to eat veggies so it will become a habit. I do not want him to be like his sister who loathes greens and orange-colored vegetables.
  • Speaking of habit, I want praying to become our family's habit. Also, reading the Bible again and again I will incorporate in my everyday life.
  • Financially, I need to be careful with spending and peruse sites like Savings.com. I hope I make good use of deals that could help me save money in the long run. Also, I need to market Human Nature aggressively. I am starting with that by giving the products as gifts for any occasion. I wish they would like them and order from me. 
  • De-clutter, a word I dread but is a must! Our house is as chaotic as it can be. Practice being ruthless is what I should do when it comes to cleaning out shelves, toy boxes and closets. I have to keep in mind that the more I give out or give up, the more space I'll have for new stuff.
  • I aim to teach my daughter more on the alphabet and to write letters and numbers better. Did I mention that she started junior nursery already last November? I was proud that she didn't cry on her first day and first week of classes. And it's heart-warming to see that she has a zeal for school since she likes to answer her assignments.
  • I also have a new blog, which I call: 
Please click here to learn more about it

I didn't include it anymore, but this is the first story I wrote for my blog. The new blog was created on impulse, actually. So I decided that my fictitious stories be stored in one place. I hope to write more and share my inspirations, thoughts and stories woven from my loom of a mind. I also hope that some people will bother to read it. :-)

By the way,this is my first ever entry to Mommy Moments hosted by Mommy Chris.
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