12 January 2011

2011 Lessons to Learn

242/365: Lesson plansImage by DavidDMuir via Flickr
Another one of my goals for the year 2011 is to learn and relearn lessons. We always learn something in our everyday experiences and from communication with people in our circles, unless one is quite dense or likes to make the same mistakes again and again. I believe that there is always room for improvement in our lives. At one point in my life I think that became my motto. It was a good one, thinking about it.

Anyway, as a wife and mommy, the need to cook arises and I sometimes get headaches just thinking about what to set on the table. It doesn't help that my daughter is a picky eater. So, in answer to that, I want to learn new recipes or learn to cook the same ingredients in different and creative ways. I also like to bake, and I think baking is healthier that frying i.e. fried chicken vs. baked chicken. But I would need an oven for that. It is also my goal to save for an oven, even just a small one for baking dishes like Potato Gratin. Yum!

Second on my list is learning to drive again, or practice driving. I think this one will be tougher because of the time. I have a baby to take care of and I have to find out where I can squeeze in driving lessons. My hubby must also be willing to teach me things like parallel parking, Los Angeles auto repair, replacing a head gasket, and what to do when I get into a car accident. *Shudder!* I pray for God's loving protection. Do I use the car that we already have or look for a smaller one like a Honda Civic? But I don't know where to park another car since the shared garage we have is already full. And getting a second car is quite expensive.

The learning process of a parent is never ending. Parenting requires trial and error, lots of it. Also, each child is so different from the other, having a unique set of traits, needs and wants. I am going to relearn patience and not sweating the small stuff. I have a tendency to stress over little things, which is not good when raising kids. In the aspect of child-rearing, I greatly need God's guidance. Praying over my children is vital.

Learning to be organized is hard! Each day is like having a hurricane inside our house. What should I do to make our disheveled house into a tidy home? I feel overwhelmed by this task. I need to learn determination, perseverance and being industrious in seeing my goals achieved.

What else do you think I should learn?
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