15 January 2011

Of A Projector and Of Christmas Gifts

When my ex-boyfriend and I were still together, we used to go on movie dates whenever we go out. We would watch the latest ones that were showing. I truly enjoyed those times and that's one thing I miss when he became my hubby and after having our daughter Elle. We still went to watch in cinemas when I was pregnant with my first child.

At present, we do not have a nanny anymore so I am the one who is caring for my kids. It is a bit difficult for me to get around: go out with my friends, watch a film in a movie house with my hubby Rix - just the two of us, and run some errands. The reason for this is that I cannot leave my 6-month-old too long with our helper who is inexperienced with babies. I guess this is the disadvantage of being a SAHM. It doesn't help that I don't know how to drive when my baby could just be strapped in a car seat, whenever I need to go to the bank or buy supplies, etc. So, to get that movie experience at home, Rix bought a multimedia projector from the likes of Panasonic Electronics. We have a blank wall in our bedroom that we use as our screen. It was a fun idea! We have tried playing movies from CD, DVD and flash drive. What I want to try next is watching videos online by connecting the PC or laptop to the projector. It seems that there is a need for HDMI cables or an optical cable to be able to achieve that. Elle also enjoys watching her animated movies via the projector. When it is turned on, she would immediately ask us to turn off the lights.

Last Christmas, my family and I just stayed at home. We lazed around and watched movies on the projector. Elle opened her gift eagerly when she woke up. There was just one gift left for her on this day because she couldn't wait until Christmas day itself.

A dollhouse with MP3 player that plays only 2 songs
My baby Caleb is just a few months old, so here is his sister, helping him open his gifts.

Got a car set he can't play with yet
Receiving gifts is one of the enjoyable experiences a person could have. Until now, Elle still thinks that Christmas is just around the corner. With time flying so fast, who knows? It might be Christmas again tomorrow!

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