25 February 2011

Human Nature Organic Guava Massage Oil for Baby

If it wasn't for Human Nature, I wouldn't know that mineral oil, which is the main ingredient in the commercially available baby oil, is hazardous to our health. And, it is being used on babies with skin 20-30% thinner than an adult's. Imagine that! According to this site, mineral oil is considered a human immune and respiratory toxicant. It is also said that mineral oil clogs pores, therefore causing acne. It also speeds up the aging process. Some women who wear make-up use this as a make-up remover, too.

I know better now.

According to this site, the advantages/benefits of massaging my baby include:

  • Infant relaxation, which is equal to mommy relaxation
  • Enhances bonding since touch conveys love
  • Aides growth and development, studies have shown increased weight gain and immune function
  • Promotes communication, that is vital to bonding
  • Improves baby's sleep, which is connected with infant relaxation
The site also offers techniques in baby massage.

Model of Human Nature, ha ha!
Before I splash him with water, I use my hand to smooth a few drops of Human Nature Organic Massage Oil in Guava scent onto baby Caleb's back and chest so he won't catch a cold. After I bathe him, I use this to massage his whole body. He loved being pampered with this, until he learned to roll over onto his tummy. I also use this to soften his stubborn cradle cap. I would gently rub some oil on his scalp then use the baby brush to try to scrape the flakes off. So far, it is working wonders, many are falling off. Unlike when I used the mineral oil, it didn't work and his baby dandruff did not show any signs of budging. I also noticed that the dry areas on his shins are smoother now.
The ingredients include organic virgin coconut oil, natural vitamin E, and organic guava essential oil. The smell is sweet but not too overpowering. I chose this scent because I find it suitable for babies and kids rather than the Lemongrass scent. Meanwhile, the Eucalyptus might be too strong for his sense of smell and his soft skin.
I am assured that what I put on my baby contains no harmful chemicals. 

I have Organic Massage Oil at my Human Nature shop
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