28 February 2011

Seek No More: Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2011

I saw this while blog-hopping: Seek No More: Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2011

This seems like a good way to find a good business idea or opportunity for women who want to be entrepreneurs or have their own sideline as an additional source of income. I myself am interested in this because I want to help in our financial aspect. Here I hope to learn what businesses are ideal to be run by women, and to know what works best as a home-based business. I guess I would also acquire information on the aspects of advertising items, customized notepads as incentives for clients or employees, or if there is a need to use Empowerkit as a marketing tool.

I really want to work and at the same time take care of my little ones. I also want a business that could glorify the Lord. But, it is so hard to come up with an idea that would work, and I have no experience in marketing, business administration and the likes. I am hoping I could be enlightened in this area.
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