11 March 2011

Mushy After Valentine's

Why do I love thee?
Let me enumerate reasons.
First, is for loving me,
Through different seasons.
You talked with my parents,
Even though you were nervous.
You are smart yet simple,
Proof that you're unfastidious.
Your promise to take care of me
Is evident in your deeds.
One way you show your love
Is meeting my many needs.
I love how our thoughts jive,
Finishing each other's sentences.
We also differ, but complement each other,
Our personalities in many instances.
Being hands-on with the kids
Makes me love you even more.
I hope they acquire from you
Your kindness and sense of humor.

There'll be more of you
To love in the future,
As we journey a life together
Hand in hand and each step sure.
Moments of joy and difficulties
In my heart I will treasure.

This is in (late) answer to Lizz's question (and giveaway): Why do I love my guy? I was going to submit my entry last weekend but my daughter and I got sick, and then my hubby also then my baby boy. Until now, I am still coughing my lungs out and cannot eat chocolate. :-(
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