16 March 2011

Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile for my not so tiny love

Tiny Love in a box
Last Christmas, my hubby Rix and I bought presents for the kids. For our baby boy, since he cannot choose yet, we opted for a Tiny Love Take-Along mobile for ages 0-5 months, as replacement for his busted Lights & Sounds Mobile from Vtech, which was his sister's. We were attracted to the 3-in-1 function even though the price was steep at 1,699.75Php. After it was demonstrated on the stroller, we did not remove it anymore and baby Caleb had a means of entertainment while being pushed around the mall. We did not have a car seat so it was only 2-in-1 for us. I sometimes use it in the car when Caleb is bored. I  clip it to the handle above the car door so he could see it while lying in my arms. 

Since it was portable, the colorful animals were quite small and not very attention-catching. The box said it plays up to 30 minutes of music when in fact, the music doesn't stop automatically. It had to be turned off manually. There is also an option of muting the music and just let baby observe the circular motion of the mobile in silence. It plays 5 different instrumental lullabies which make for great background music  in the bedroom, especially in a nursery. I have tried not turning it off for around a day or so and the chargeable triple A batteries that we use were drained quickly. Three batteries were required. 

Sometimes, Caleb is quite captivated by the mobile. But there are times that it cannot distract him from crying when put inside his playpen. I am trying to use it as often as I could so we could get value for our money. And, that means always recharging the batteries. 
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