19 March 2011

She Moved Up

Moving up, that's what my daughter Elle's school calls their commencement exercises (but more of an awarding ceremony) where the students move up to the next level of their education. But not all the students were there, though. Elle did not go up the stage to claim an award but she did go up to perform a song (with matching actions) entitled Small Voice with her classmates. She was so cute! 

Even though Elle entered Junior Nursery just last November for the second semester, I am so proud that she could follow the class lessons and her assessment showed that she's going to "move up" to  Senior Nursery level next school year. Praise God! 

After their performance onstage, they went back to their classrooms and she was awarded the Most Participative of her class. I had a glimpse of her being participative when we were in her Sunday school and while the teacher was telling a Bible story, she had a lot of ideas to input and she answered questions, too. I will read the teacher's narrative report on her again. It tells how Elle was doing in school for the past semester. I am so thankful to God for giving me a smart and sweet little girl.

Note: This video was taken from YouTube.
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