23 March 2011

My Children's Bedroom Idea File

When baby number three arrives, I don't think our bedroom could fit a family of five. I believe there is a need to bring back the other room's original purpose: to be the children's room. As much as I would like to decorate it in pink and purple to suit my taste and for our daughter Elle's interest, I know that it isn't practical. Soon, it will have to be a room for the two or all of the kids. I think it would be wise to pick neutral colors so the room could be used by either Elle or baby Caleb. The furniture like the bed, closet and study desks must be unisex in color and style, too. It gives me a bit of a headache just thinking about it. It would be wise to scout the Internet for ideas.

Of course, the bedroom should promote relaxation for the children so for me, TV is a no-no in their room. I saw a list of helpful ideas to make the nursery/child's room conducive for better sleep.
  • An absurdly comfortable place to sit
  • Damn good lighting
  • The power to tread lightly
  • Good supply chain management
  • Their stuff on their level
Read the article for elaboration on each point. I am imagining a nice comfy armchair beside the kids' bed where I could sit to nurse or to tell them bedtime stories, or just to listen to them rave and rant. The bed would be a double-decker with a pullout below the lower deck. The lower deck could be a queen-sized one while the upper deck is a double, single or twin (smaller than the queen). The upper deck would be used when they are older and cannot fall off the bed anymore. The bed sheets could be the ones with the design of their choice.
 As mentioned in the article, there should be overhead or ambience lighting and task lighting. The task lighting focuses on where the baby is being changed, where I will feed and then read books (the armchair), and where the children are going to study, the desk. I was thinking of a white study desk, I just hope it doesn't become grey over time given the polluted condition here.


To add interest to the walls, decals that are easily removed would be great for children's rooms. Designs with animals or nature suit unisex bedrooms best.

For the flooring, I guess our tiled floor should be covered up with something softer, something like carpet tiles.  The site www.flor.com seems to have the solution for this, and the tiles there look great, too! The colorful ones would be a wonderful option.

When we have the budget for this renovation project, I need to get cracking soon with the floor plans, the suppliers and shopping. ;-)
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