18 April 2011

On Birthdays

Starting a new year may be like starting our lives anew, but in my opinion, being able to celebrate our birthday is a blessing in itself that we have another chance at living. I am thankful for the people in my life who made me feel special, especially on my birthday. And I believe a birthday is not a birthday without cake. It's a tradition!

I already wrote on my other blog about how I celebrated my birthday. Mommy Moments for this week called for a birthday photo, but I just want to share a video where my daughter sang The Birthday Song for me, with the cake my hubby Rix bought for me.

I am starting to plan my two children's joint birthday party and my baby boy's baptism. So far, I have reserved the church for baptism. I am planning on getting a Barbie cake for my daughter. I need to decide where we will hold the reception. A simple Chinese style sit-down "pan-toh" lunch at a good restaurant is on our minds.

Thanks to my friends Meg and Jack, I got to try the Red Ribbon Chocolate Fudge Cake at last. They surprised me with this when they came and visited me here at home. It was so moist! I love the fudge icing so characteristic of chocolate cakes. Yummy indeed!

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