23 April 2011

Food Festival at Vikings Luxury Buffet

One luxury that my hubby Rix and I indulge in is food. A buffet-type, eat-all-you-can setting looks attractive to us. When he found out from a friend about a new place in Manila called Vikings Luxury Buffet, which has a 30% discount for a limited time, he immediately asked me to make a reservation after calling up a few of our friends who were game.

The one-story establishment looked big from the outside and I was imagining how much food was offered here. Can you tell I was hungry? Table 101 was assigned to us, it was near the reception area and our problem with it was that each time their automatic doors open, we would feel a gush of hot air. And, the doors opened a lot of times with the vast amount of guests pouring in nonstop. I'd like to say that the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I was even given a tour of the place and shown the different cuisines offered at each station. There was a salad bar, an appetizers area, a station with food for kids, an Asian station, a Western station where you can make you own pasta dish, a dessert and drinks bar. They have beer that you can drink all you want, an endless supply of Strawberry-Banana milkshake (yum!), soda and juices.

The other food was just alright, but I love their beef with mushroom sauce. The taste was a bit similar to Circles Event Cafe's and the beef was quite tender. I guess that's the reason why there was always a long line when getting these. I also love that they have dark chocolate-flavored ice cream. 

The tiny watercloset and the tiny pedestal sink they have inside the ladies' washroom were super cute. I could imagine my 3-year-old daughter using them. There were also two sinks near our table near the buffet area, which is a great idea so people don't have to walk to the washroom just to wash hands before digging into their fare.

Grabbed from our friend. Don't mind my ugly hairdo.
Will I go back? Maybe not. I think the original price is a tad too steep at 888.00Php per person. But, I think Vikings Luxury Buffet is worth checking out. They have a Facebook page you can peruse and many people there raved about their food.
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