28 April 2011

Ma, For Moms Or By Moms?

We didn't have any plans for the Holy Week, we just stayed at home and ate and ate. I think that was what a "staycation" entails. On Good Friday, however, we decided to pay a visit to my hubby Rix's departed parents. In between the two visits, Rix was craving for some beef mami or beef noodle soup. Our go-to place, Causeway Seafood Restaurant, was closed, so we had to look for another one. He suddenly remembered a new place near my parents' house and decided to check it out. Surprisingly, it was open, there were even a few diners inside. Nestled in an inconspicuous area beside Muffler Haus/House along Araneta Avenue is a modest mami place named after a very important woman in our lives.

It is a sister company of North Park, as the cashier stated. We had their specialty, the Binondo Mami with slices of asado-like pork, chicken bites, half a hard-boiled egg, Taiwan pechay and of course, noodles - flat ones that were super soft, they seemed non-existent. This was a bit of a disappointment although I like flat noodles.

We also ordered two pieces of siomai, which were weird in shape but kind of big for an unreasonable price.

Black Gulaman with Sago: 68Php; Ma Special Pork Siomai 25Php each
Not pictured here is the Asado siopao we had which costs 55Php. The dough was soft and the filling many and was very sweet so I didn't bother using the sauce provided. I'm glad inside was not colored red like some who sell siopao. 

I liked the simple interior with the very high ceilings and windows. I wonder if the wind from the ceiling fans would reach the tables.

Afterwards, we went to Hearts Of Jesus and Mary Church to pay respect to Rix's dad then Elle played in the playground outside the ossuary for a few minutes. She enjoyed it that she didn't want to leave.

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