02 May 2011

How to Be a Princess | eHow.com

In view of the recent Royal Wedding and the fairytale-like qualities the event possessed, memories of my childhood flooded me and I was inspired to compose a story for my little girl. She loves princesses and she wants to be one, at least for now. This is due to letting her watch Disney princess cartoons that I loved as a child. So, in coming up with a story, I researched a bit about princesses and stumbled upon this link:

How to Be a Princess eHow.com

It was amusing and I am not sure if that really is how to become a princess. But, I agree with the 5th step, which is to "feel the magic you are able to give everyone with your good mannerism. Talk to everyone and offer kind messages that inspire people and make them feel good." After all, it is said that "people remember not what you did but how you made them feel."


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