12 April 2011

A Visit to A Summer Affair

Did I tell you that I won 4 passes to the event A Summer Affair: Children's Workshop Expo 2011 by Working Mom? Thanks, My Mom-Friday and Working Mom magazine!

All four of us arrived at around 11: 00 in the morning. Outside, I could hear a talk going on on how to raise our children's self-esteem and help them relate to their peers. There was a booth right on the landing of the stairs leading to the doors of the tent, which was selling Working Mom magazines. And the foyer served as the registration area on the left side, where I got a canvas tote bag, dining area on the right and food kiosks in the middle.
Loot bag with some of the goodies for the moms and the kids
Upon entering, the guests were greeted with numerous fliers that were shoved into the hands by different people from different disciplines. These were immediately placed inside the tote bag by my hubby Rix. The place was too dimly lit for my taste. I hoped the layout was more orderly because the booths were scattered and not grouped together, so I was having a bit of a hard time navigating the expo. My daughter Elle kept looking at the Barbie dolls that were for sale at the toys section. Then there was a more concentrated Barbie booth near the area where the talk was held. Here Elle had a chance to play with Barbie dolls where she could dress them up with clothes, shoes, colored rubber bands, etc.

My impression was that most of the activities for summer were for children four years old and above. There were cooking classes, martial arts like Karate and Wushu, voice lessons, theater, etc.. I thought that what's suitable for Elle were toddler swimming lessons and arts. Plus activities in Gymboree and Kindermusik. 

We didn't stay very long for we became hungry, or was it just me? Hee hee! We had lunch at m2m then headed straight home. We might enroll Elle in Bert Lozada's swimming classes since she likes the water so much.
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