09 April 2011

Summer Plan Ideas on Alter Space

It's my three-year-old daughter's summer vacation and I am contemplating on what we could do to let her learn while playing or enjoying. Another visit to the zoo, perhaps? Roll on the grass somewhere, maybe? Visit a park where she could ride her trike, an idea (I like this!)? Go swimming, of course! She has been telling me since before school ended that she wants to go to the beach. But it's so hot at the beach, I'd rather go to the mountains during summer.

Summer last year

So far, we haven't done any of the activities mentioned above. We did take a walk in Bonifacio High Street one Sunday, but she didn't roll on the grass. Mostly, we have been cooped up at home, lessening the carbon footprint left by a car. Things we do at home include:

  • Watching TV, but we're cutting down the hours by playing (with her little brother and Barbie dolls) and doing arts.
  • She's expressing herself by scribbling and drawing caterpillars & cockroaches (ew!). We use the back portion of bond papers that have been printed on. At last, she is getting used to the idea.
  • She takes baths in the tubby versus showering.
  • She loves to eat mango-flavored ice cream. Yum!
  • She also loves strawberry-flavored crackers or cookies. She throws the wrappers in the trash can without being told.
  • Play Alter Space. OK, actually it's just me, but she watches me play and I explain to her what's going on in the game. One mini-game I find interesting is the Switch Chaser. I discuss with my little girl that we need to turn off appliances when not in use with this mini-game as a visual aid. Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. Special Agent OSO, a TV show on Playhouse Disney, has an episode where the little girl was taught to turn off lights, TV, running water, etc., when they are not in use. I am also instilling this, so most of the time, she turns off the TV and electric fan when we leave the living area or when going out. I'm proud of her!

  • Believe me when I say it is hard to teach a three-year-old not to leave her toys and papers on the floor. I feel like a nagger when I have to tell her not to have her things strewn all over the place. As with other "responsibilities" a kid must learn, the instructions must be repeated over and over, again and again. That's how redundant it should be!
I hope these summer plans could push through, so we could get some fresh air once in a while and appreciate nature with my little ones. I believe that when my daughter sees how lovely the greens of a picturesque view are, she will be conscious about preserving them. 

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