11 May 2011

About Mothers

I am at a stage of life where I appreciate my own mother, because I myself am a mommy now. A mommy to not one, not two, but soon-to-be three little blessings.

Whenever I crave for cake, I would think of my mom and miss her baking. Whenever I have a recipe I don't understand, I would call her up and ask her. Whenever my kids get sick, I remember the times she would go into my room with medicine and water for me to take when I was running a fever.

Children need not only show appreciation for their moms on Mother's Day, but every day as well.

I realize that a mother is a very Misunderstood person. When she is strict, others will say that she's being unreasonable and not giving her children room to grow. When she lets them do what they want, people will say that she doesn't care about her kids' welfare. When her baby's crying and she picks him up, people will say that she's spoiling him. When she would let him cry for a few minutes, neighbors would comment that she's heartless, or something to that effect.
It is in a mother's nature to be Over-protective of her children. I know that we might have found this annoying when we were teenagers, but now, as a mom, I can't help it if I constantly look over at them during play, or when playing with other kids. Or when I need to nag and shout, or shout and nag for my daughter to get off the backrest of the sofa. I read somewhere that a mother worries for her child, whether he is 3 or 30 years old.
Time is a gift that a mother gives her children. Instead of making time for herself, most of it was spent on caring for them, nourishing them, and nurturing them. Time that we spend with our moms is also precious and they'd be happy to spend some afternoon tea time with us.
We may not be able to choose who our moms should be, but one thing is for sure, they are Heaven-sent and are the perfect moms God has chosen for us.
With all the expectations imposed on mothers, it is no wonder that God has blessed them with the Energy to take care of the family: to play with the children, to teach them and do homework with them, to come up with what's for dinner, to cook, to mind the house, to work for money, and basically to worry (although prayer is more advisable) about the family and its future.
After the energy was spent, a mother needs to Rest. She needs to rest in the Lord and trust in His power to protect her family. She needs rest after working for money and after working for love.
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