16 May 2011

To Stay Or Leave?

More and more Filipinos are emigrating from their home country to another. What are the possible reasons for this?
~ Greener pasture meaning more job opportunities
~ Seeing no positive outcome of struggle in the Philippines
~ Lack in benefits for the individual like managing personal credit or for the family like healthcare and refinance loan
~ For people who are alone and 
~ Willing to undergo a change in culture
~ Adventure

We have to admit that despite life being hard and it seems money has very low value in the Philippines, we are still pampered and we have the luxury of:
~ Being able to hire household help and nannies at an affordable price
~ And drivers, too, for some
~ Asking family members to assist in caring for our children or for our home
~ Buying really cheap stuff or cheap food
~ Having the rice or the LPG tank delivered to the home
~ Being able to afford starting our own businesses

So, as a Filipino, will you consider immigrating abroad? Or are you content staying in the country? Just wondering!
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