24 June 2011

My Hubby As A Dad

Even though my hubby Rix is no financial expert or doesn't know which are the best penny stocks to buy, one thing I admire about him is that he's a wonderful daddy.
Being a father seems to come naturally to him, something I am envious of at times, but very thankful to God to have as the head of our family. It is amazing to see him play out the guidelines written in some parenting books that I have read, and he's not reading anything on parenting at all.
Rix connects with the children deeply and in a fascinating way. Daddies do really bring out the playfulness in kids.
It seems that he has this innate ability to know the perfect timing in situations or know the exact thing to say to our daughter Elle.
He also is great in disciplining Elle. In fact, she listens more to him than to me. I am glad to have him as my partner in raising these beautiful kids.
We did nothing special on Father's Day, read more on my post here. But, I wanted to write a tribute to my hubby as a dad.
I pray that our children will be closer to him as they grow up, especially our daughter. And that they will look up to him as a hero and role model, a representative of God the Father.

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