06 July 2011

Color by Numbers Review and Giveaway

During the last days of my 3-year-old daughter's summer vacation and I was still wondering what to do for our home activity, the opportunity to review a coloring program came along in a timely manner.
The downloadable program is called Color By Numbers and it aims to teach kids to color pictures with numbers as guides. There are three types of "coloring books" that are available: Animals, Princesses, and Vehicles. Of course, my daughter Elle's favorite is the Princesses package. There were more pictures she finished here than in the other categories. There is a pre-determined set of colors for each of the picture. I like that Elle has the option to change the numbered "tube" to any color that she wants. Another option is the tubes are not numbered at all and it's like a real coloring book wherein she could fill in the colors to her heart's content. The coloring books come in 15-20 pages for each category. It's easy enough for my daughter because it's like using the bucket tool in drawing or photo editing softwares where the colors are filled into the area with just one click. The illustrations are cute, not too complicated and made for small children to capture their fancy. There is a wide range of colors available and most of them are pastel-hued, the way I like it.

You can see more information here: coloritbynumbers.com

Mommies and daddies, if you want to let your son or daughter try this cool coloring application, I have three serial numbers to give away to three parents or kids, one for each of the category. Simply:

  • Follow me on Twitter: @ceemee
  • Like my Cymplified Facebook Page
  • Comment on this post telling me you did + your Twitter and Facebook usernames + which coloring book you prefer the most, the next, and the least
  • Example: "I followed and liked, @ceemee, Cym Gonzaga-Marzan. 1. Princesses 2. Animals 3. Vehicles."
  • I will let my daughter pick out the winners on July 31 via lottery. The first winner will get his first choice, the second winner will get his second choice if his first choice is taken, and so on.
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