19 July 2011

The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

The Bad.
When I thought that everything was already good to go, something goes wrong to cause stress. After all, the plan was simple. Around 11am was supposed to be baby Caleb's dedication, and afterwards, to the birthday lunch venue. No programs, no clowns, no etcetera.
  • The person from the parish office told me that my schedule was 9am and that the reverend had already left.
  • The other pastor needed to attend some anniversary gathering and cannot substitute.
  • He had lots of excuses when I have already called twice to confirm!
  • He suggested we re-schedule.
  • Then, we were a bit late for the lunch party. Guests were already waiting for us.
  • I was reprimanded because there were more tables than guests.
  • I was reprimanded for letting the nanny go on a day-off that day.
The Good.
In hindsight, even with the setbacks and the emotional rollercoaster that I have gone through, there were many things to be thankful to God for that day. Like...
  • My hubby who talked with the person from the parish office.
  • Accompanied by my friend who was bent on making the dedication happen, the person from the parish office had to make a way. Thanks, Beth!
  • It didn't rain, praise God!
  • My daughter Elle who looked so pretty as a little princess and she seemingly enjoyed the party playing with lots of kids.
  • Aunts who were concerned about me and my children are blessings.
  • Thankfully, Caleb did not cry at the sight of many people. Family and friends were able to carry him.
  • I'm grateful for the guests who did attend and I think it was not right to worry over those who should have come.
  • I was the one excited for Elle to open her gifts, teehee!
The Ugly.
  • The grown person who was weeping: ME!
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