26 July 2011

Moms: Purposefully Make Time For God

I'd like to share this article to Christian moms like me who are too caught up in a busy mommy life that devotions with the Lord come very rarely. It is entitled The spiritual life of a busy mom: Carving out time with God when there's no time to be had.


Here are some practical solutions that I could do in between cooking for my family and spending time with my little ones:

•One mother recently started spending devotional time with God during the first 20-30 minutes of her twin daughters’ nap time. She views this time as a spiritual act of worship in which she can literally trust God to help her accomplish everything she still needs to do that day. “I find that time alone with God is especially crucial to re-set my priorities and refresh my heart on the days when it feels like I don't have time to be alone with God today. Those are the days when devotional time with God is most life-giving for me, my husband and my children.”

•Another mom said, “I love to listen to the local Christian station or to Christian CDs in the car. Right now, my favourite is the CD my church's choir put together last year. It's full of the praise music we sing every Sunday, so I feel like I'm sitting in my regular worship service every time I listen to it.”

•“I try to make time for Christian books occasionally. And, whenever possible, I look for a women's Bible study at my church to join. That has always been a blessing, as I'm able to fellowship with other Christian women and moms while finding a quiet hour away from the kids and the constant needs at home.”

•“I keep a weekly prayer journal that's divided into three parts: thanks, confession and requests.”

•“Surprisingly, I find that moments when I am simply sitting, watching and enjoying my daughter, are moments when I am more aware of God’s presence than ever. That’s when, in my heart, I thank Him for her, recognize how blessed I am and utter quick prayers (two-sentence pleas) to Him for her, for me as her mom, and for my husband.”

•Pray while in the shower or when you’re getting ready for the day.

•Write reminders and memory verses on sticky notes around the house.

•Set a reminder on your phone or computer to remind you each day to fit in some quality time with God.

•Read the Bible with your kids, even if they’re playing on the floor and don’t seem to really be listening. By doing so, you’re setting a good example – and they might even surprise you by how much they absorb!

•Purchase an audio version of the Bible (some websites also offer these). Listen while you cook dinner, fold laundry or do other household tasks. Also great while in the carpool lane!

•Set your children up with a craft project (something that needs minimal supervision) or institute an “alone time” each day when everyone plays or relaxes in their own room. Use this time to study Scripture, read a devotional book or simply pray.
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